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"Ziad K Abdelnour's new book Economic Warfare is fabulously written with a deep insight into the American Financial system, its flawed engineering and the reasons behind the current almost irreversible depression, particularly in the US. The sword on the cover is apt, because the words therein are as sharp as if they were written by a swordsmith rather than a banker on Wall Street. Finally - I have had the pleasure of being a small part in the making of this historical book, a role that I shall treasure for as long as I live. Its not everyday when one is called upon to work together with a man like Ziad and on a book that is Economic Warfare the book, today. This is one book that will shake America and the other countries especially in Europe. "

Bobby Menonn
Author of several books, Corporate Trainer, Master Strategist.

""Economic Warfare” is a revolution at the right time. This book is not just about exposing our complex financial culture but a true inspiration."

Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.
Editor, OpenBeast - Author: Land of Opportunity Forever

"In his eye-opening book Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics, Ziad K Abdelnour exposes the massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people by Wall Street insiders. And, as a libertarian and true believer in the free market, he offers solutions for both the United States and individual citizens when it comes to real wealth creation"

Robert Ringer
Publisher of A Voice of Sanity ( and author of Restoring the American Dream: The Defining Voice in the Movement for Liberty

"Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics" is the new Bible of how to make a ton of dough - even in these difficult times"

John LeBoutillier
Former U.S. Congressman (R. NY.) and author of "Harvard Hates America

"The words that come to mind after reading this book are courage and truth. The question is, do you have the courage to hear the truth? Economic Warfare rips the lid off the story of the century- that our country has been embezzled and defrauded by a cabal of Ivy League gangsters, greedy bankers, financial terrorists, and vulture capitalists. They managed to turn Wall Street and the banking system into a combination of craps game, shell game, and Ponzi scheme- all set up for the benefit of the few (bankers), to be subsidized by the many (taxpayers). Bernanke, Rubin, Paulson, Summers- all the star swindlers are exposed in Economic Warfare. This is the book the bankers, hedge fund managers, and D.C. political insiders fear."

Wayne Allyn Root
CEO, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author of Conscience of a Libertarian Former Vice-Presidential candidate and Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee

"Ziad K Abdelnour is an independent thinking libertarian who applies Milton Friedman like concepts in this book to his daily life. The man embodies the American Spirit and in this masterpiece he explains very complex financial concepts in an easy to read and understandable language. As the founder of the worldwide CEO clubs and author of twenty-six books…..when I say read this book DO IT. It is impactful and a must read"

Joe Mancuso
Founder & President CEO Clubs -

"This is a must-read book. Ziad simply and clearly emphasizes the crucial free market principles that must be adopted by the United States if we are to avoid the coming requiem. The reader receives an education second to none explaining what success and the creation of wealth truly derive from. The result of this counsel is prosperity."

Victor Sperandeo (Trader Vic)
CEO and President of Alpha Financial Technologies LLC

"Economic Warfare is a handy guide to global business practices. Just as politics is often war by a name, global business is cut throat competition by another name. This remarkable book offers insight, guidance and a totally "out of the box" way to think about international business competitiveness."

Herb London
President Emeritus, Hudson Institute
Author - Contributor
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