The Political Foreword

The natural state of our economy is prosperity. Freedom guarantees that. The only force capable of undermining it is government. Economic Warfare tells that truth.

We are stuck in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. It is so bad that at this point into the recovery, we are 8 million jobs short of being tied for last place with the previous worst recovery. Our gross domestic product is a trillion dollars or two short of where it should be, and a multiple of that in terms of wealth has dissipated. Our economic weakness has now become a top national security threat.

Did the market fail or did the government fail? If so, how? I have made my business career by asking the right questions. Are we working on the right problem? Do we have the right people? Are we close enough to the action? Ziad K Abdelnour’s strong suit is to ask questions until the bottom line is found. He has surrounded himself with outstanding people and an unmatched network. You can’t get closer to the action than he, particularly at the level at which he operates.

Abdelnour lays out in detail that even the most well-meaning government policies have unintended consequences that have harmed the economy. If government policies were held accountable the way private businesses are, the scoreboard would say government is failing to help people.

This book makes one of the strongest cases yet that to have a warm heart, one must have clear eyes. Abdelnour sees clearly, and his vantage point is the front line of battle over the future of our country.

There are few problems in the world that economic prosperity cannot help solve. Yet the engines of that prosperity are under fierce attack. The forces that seek power over others have gained the upper hand against those that seek freedom. By harming wealth creation, they cause even more strain on society. Historically, this is nothing new. State domination over its subjects has roots that connect statism, totalitarianism, communism, and socialism to more modern-day variants of liberalism and progressivism. It is a constant fight and we must win.

As Abdelnour illustrates, the forces against wealth creation accelerate when the Progressives are in power. They are the ones, after all, who gave us the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and many other economically destructive programs. More recently, they forced Obamacare and "Dodd Frankenstein Financial Deform" upon us. Unlike the elective representatives who voted for those bills, Abdelnour actually read them and offers us his chilling dose of reality.

It speaks volumes of the resiliency of the American economy to still be standing after the onslaught of economic policy termites eating away at the foundation for so long. We now face a perfect storm, but we will fight back. One only needs to observe the unrest across the world to imagine what life will become here if we don’t get our economy turned around soon.

But how? It is not as though people lose sight of simple principles in a complex society as much as it is a Progressive tactic to confuse people. For example, if the world consists of two farmers, and one is paid government benefits, who pays? Exactly. The other farmer pays. Redistribution is a negative-sum game, and people understand that.

In another example, if one farmer raises cattle and the other grows vegetables, they are both better off through voluntary trade. Making other people better off is the only way to satisfy your needs. Is it bad that some people make many people better off? Do you deserve a special attack by government if you make millions of people better off? Voluntary exchange is a positive-sum game.

Abdelnour uses great skill explaining how a complex global economy still boils down to a few of those core principles. He reveals tactics used by the Progressives to confuse people through victimhood, race baiting, and preying on the compassionate sensibilities of most, and shows how to defeat them.

A great example is Abdelnour’s investigation that uncovers the true underpinnings of the mortgage crisis. It may be the best diagnosis you will read. As you will see, it was a colossal failure of government, the remedy of which is not to bail out and subsidize failure.

But trade and wealth creation is not all upside. It is failure, too. Failure is a necessary component to growth and success. Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times but also hit 714 home runs. We need to let failing entities fail. Only then will successful people turn these enterprises back into wealth-creating vehicles again. "Too big to fail" is a concept that perpetuates failure and saps vitality from the rest of the wealth creators to do so.

Wealth creation is not a business suited to those whose skill set consists of voting "present." It requires decision making, risk taking, hard information, discipline, insight, and intelligence. Abdelnour is generous with his valuable insight. He offers a range of opportunities so that each of us can find our role in the battle. He shares lessons for all of us to absorb.

In true nonpolitician, business-like fashion that makes me proud, Abdelnour focuses on commonsense solutions. We have gotten away from the 10th Amendment. The only equal outcome for all that can be achieved by the federal government is misery for all. It is not that people shouldn’t be helped. It is that in most cases, it is not the role of the federal government to do so.

He gives us a penetrating look at each major department and shows how a return to the 10th Amendment will reduce spending, limit the scope of government so freedom expands, and ultimately how that will lead to improved wealth creation, which is the only demonstrated way to help people. We know what happens when Progressives have full control and no opposing forces to draw battle lines. It’s called Detroit.

Join me in support of his prescription to reassess all regulation against a standard of whether it creates more entrepreneurs. Then install a Fair Tax and sound money, and the economy would boom for a decade or more. By adding more engines to the train, it increases the number of cars that will be pulled along.

In whose hands should you place your trust for improving the economy? An entrepreneur, whose job it is to solve problems for a profit? Or a bureaucrat, whose job it is to cause problems for a profit? I know where I put my trust, and I’m sure 90 percent of us agree. We outnumber them, so let’s act like it.

Ziad K Abdelnour is a shining example that immigrants make our country stronger. He came here legally, and he came here to produce. He used freedom to pursue his dreams. God bless him for having big, big dreams. For as much wealth as he has created for entrepreneurs worldwide, he has generated a multiple of that for society. He’s a reminder that the American Dream isn’t a house, or any property, or the consumption of any good. It is to be productive creating wealth.

Get ready for a no-holds-barred attack on the forces aligned against prosperity. As a person who gets accused of flunking Political Correctness 101, I have to admit his candor and bluntness will send a wake-up call to some. I find it refreshing that he not only is willing to take many tough stands, but never once leaves you guessing where he stands.

This could indeed be the most important book you read all year.

We all must find in Economic Warfare what we can do to be part of the solution. For some, it may be expanding your investing or operating horizons. For others, it may be picking up the weapon of knowledge and defeating the enemy by casting a crucial vote.

The very people whose policies unleashed the attacks on our economic foundation are waging a full-blown assault on the true wellspring of business formation, innovation, and job creation: the wealth creators.

When you see how the Washington–Wall Street corridor, which I call the Chaos Industry, profits at the expense of average Americans, you will want to take action. He pulls back the curtain and reveals who is stealing our birthright. Progressive policies have failed. Their "throw sand in the gears, then blame the engine" approach to running the country is running it into the ground. The time to go along to get along is over.

This is for those who aspire to be rich the old-fashioned way, by understanding that consumers ultimately have the say over who becomes rich.

The turnaround must come from outside of the Washington establishment. It must come from you, Ziad K Abdelnour, and me. Battle lines have been drawn. Now is time to rise up, band together, and use knowledge as our ammunition and our votes as weapons.

On one side of the battle are the fakers and takers. On the other side, there is Abdelnour and all of the wealth creators. Who offers you more opportunity?

The Founding Fathers did their job. We must be the Defending Fathers. Consider Economic Warfare as a modern version of the Federalist Papers. When you’re done reading it, you will join me in hoping Ziad Abdelnour soon makes good on his promise to keep writing more.

I am up to his challenge of creating 50 million new millionaires. As some of you may know, this book is scheduled to be published at a time when I am running for the office of President of the United States of America. My private-sector experience tells me the government doesn’t create wealth, jobs, or prosperity. I am confident that by getting the government off your back, out of your way, and out of your pocket, you will do the rest. Fifty million is a lot, but I will give it my best if you do the same.

Abdelnour does society a great service in laying bare the destructive fallacies of Keynesian economics. For that, he earns an honorary doctorate in "CAIN-sian" economics: the economics of growth, opportunity, and wealth creation.

One of my favorite political lines on the campaign trail comes from former U.S. Senator Everett Dirksen. He once said, "When they feel the heat, they will see the light." It is no coincidence that Ziad Abdelnour’s name translates into "one who brings light to the world in abundance." He shines light on what we all need to know so that we can bring heat to those elected to represent us.

The Cold War was won without firing a shot. Armed with Abdelnour’s insights, perspective, and wisdom, victory will be secured at the ballot box in support of policies that pay respect to the fact that the true American Dream is wealth creation.

Renew wealth creation and renew the American Dream.

Herman Cain
2012 Republican presidential candidate
August 2011
Author - Contributor
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