Economic Warfare Book Outline

Forewords xiii
Prologue xxiii
Preface xxv
Acknowledgments xxix
Introduction xxxiii
Prelude xxxix

Chapter 1 : The War against the Rich

Just Who Am I?
The Richest Man I Know
Why You Are Not Rich
Who Are the Rich and Why Should You Care about Them?
The Millionaire down the Street
The Socialist Fallacy
Can We Separate Economics and Politics?

Chapter 2 : Report from the Battlefield

An Inside Job
Running the Red Lights
The Joker of Gotham City
A Crisis of Consciousness

Chapter 3 : The Seeds of Our Destruction

". . . In Order to Form a More Perfect Union . . ."
The Man Who Would Be King
The Hamilton Legacy
Bringing Hamilton’s Monster to Life
Springtime for the Progressives
And What about the Fed?

Chapter 4 : The Face of the Enemy

Who Are the Progressives?
Hubris by Any Other Name
The Bankers
Politics as Usual
Outside Influences

Chapter 5 : Warfare, Not Terrorism

The Return of Civil Disobedience
Is Free-Market Capitalism Dead?

Chapter 6 : Battle Plans

What Should America’s Global Role Be?
My General Philosophy for Creating "Wealth"
The Specifics of the "Wealth Creation" Process
Risks, Rewards, and Opportunities
Basic Tenets of My Investment and Wealth Creation Philosophy
The Future of Commodities
How to Best Protect Your Assets in the Turbulent Times Ahead
Invest in Yourself

Chapter 7 : Strategic Goals

About the Private Equity Business Today
The Five Myths of Private Equity
My Personal View on the Biggest Challenges in the Private Equity Industry Today
Which Industries Are Particularly Interesting for "Distressed Investing"?
What Sectors of the Private Equity Markets Are We Focusing on Today?
Private Equity Deal Killers
How Do You Turn Billion-Dollar Ideas into Billion-Dollar Businesses?

Chapter 8 : Tactical Maneuvers

Real Estate
Alternative Investment Vehicles
What Part Did Hedge Funds Play in the Crash of 2008?
Bottom Line on Hedge Funds
Private Equity Roll-ups
Skin in the Game

Chapter 9 : Global Fronts

Targets of Opportunity
Rules of Engagement
The Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Chapter 10 : The Tenth Amendment

If It’s Broke, Fix It!
How Is It Working for You?
Repeal Bad Legislation
Cutting Overhead
Toward an Equitable Tax System
End the Fed
Regime Change

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